Tibetan Rugs From Nepal


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Tibetan Rugs From Nepal

Nepal and Tibet have a long-standing relationship dating back many centuries. For this particular reason, Nepal has been trading with Tibet for hundreds of thousands of years. This connection between Nepal and Tibet extends beyond just the trade in goods and includes the sharing of ideas, skills, traditions, and culture with each other. The transmission of the art of making Tibetan rugs in Nepal is also part of this historical bond between the two. As they gained expertise over time, Nepalese weavers established a reputation as some of the best rug makers in the world. 

Tibetan Rugs In Detail 

Tibetan rugs are authentic handmade rugs made using superior materials and reflect old-world craftsmanship. It is different from a traditional Persian hand-knotted rug in that it is of high quality, with lanolin-rich long fibers and a luxurious underfoot feel. Generally, Tibetan rugs are ancient and traditional handmade rugs produced by farmers in Central and Southern Tibet using the wool of Tibetan highland sheep, called Changpel. The technique used by Tibetan rug makers, called "Senna loop," is unique in Asia, where the Persian knot or Turkish knot method is most widely used. During the weaving process, the craftsman uses the knife tool to cut the yarn wrapped around the iron rod, which is a tool unique to Tibetan weavers. The iron rod enables the area rug to have a ridge-like surface, which is a distinctive trait of Tibetan carpets. These exquisite works are rich in charm, history, and eternal beauty.  

There are various purposes for the use of Tibetan rugs, from flooring to wall hanging, but the most prevalent use is as a carpet for seating. Tibetan rugs come under the category of new patterns and beautiful designs. They are more exuberantly colored and available in different sizes. You can design a custom rug using different styles and colors. Contemporary rugs are modern designs that can be "soft" or "hard" depending on their patterns and colors. They are more Western in their designs and are best suited to new and informal homes. Traditional Tibetan rugs offer a wider range of patterns, designs, and symbols. Since there are fewer restrictions on Tibetan rugs than on Tibetan thangka paintings, the weavers can combine a wider variety of symbols and colors. Some of the designs are: 

Tibetan Tiger Rugs 

Tibetan Tiger Rugs are popular among Westerners because they make them feel more at ease in their surroundings. They also know that tigers are emblems of power, vigilance, and discipline. They will turn the negative power into positive power. It is available in different colors and sizes with 100 knots. In other words, the Tibetan Tiger Rugs are the pinnacle of luxury and elegance, and your home feels they need to be owned in the future because they are attractive, soft, and stylish.


Floral patterns are one of the main design elements in Tibetan rugs. Even though flower designs are mostly just taken as decorative designs, They have a deep meaning rooted in Tibetan folklore or Buddhism. The most commonly seen flowers on the rug are lotus, peach, and peonies. This floral-designed Tibetan rug from Nepal is 100% handwoven in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is woven with a 100-knot per square inch density.

What makes Tibetan rugs different from others?

The Tibetan carpet is woven in a slit-loop technique in which the yarn is looped under a warp attached to the loom and then drawn toward the weaver and over a metal gauge rod before being returned to the rug and looped around another warp. Once a row is complete, a pile of yarn is created by cutting the loops of yarn along a groove in the gauge rod with a knife. This technique sets the Tibetan carpet apart from all other contemporary handwoven carpets. The way Tibetan rugs are handcrafted makes them long-lasting while making them aesthetically pleasing simultaneously. This is the reason why it is in great demand and has its own name that stands among rug lovers worldwide. 

With the blend of Tibetan and Nepalese techniques of handcrafting seamlessly, we, at Classic Custom Rugs in Nepal, have hundreds of designs in Tibetan and other forms of your choice. All of the Tibetan rugs that we manufacture at Classic Custom Rugs employ the traditional Tibetan hand-knotting technique, and each member of our staff is an expert in traditional Tibetan weaving. Each rug is individually hand-knotted by artisans, especially women, using an age-old, tried-and-true method on a conventional loom. 

We offer designer rugs and one-of-a-kind, personalized home décor items. Our handmade premium rugs have the effortless elegance you seek, regardless of the rug pattern you are looking for. A wide selection of traditional and contemporary rugs from CCR can help give your space a modern feel with on-trend color choices or smooth neutrals. If you are in need of one to decorate your space, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always there to offer you the best in the market at reasonable prices.

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