Handmade rugs from Nepal


Handmade rugs from Nepal    2022-06-06 10:52:11             By Classic Custom Rugs

The culture of crafting hand knotted rugs in Nepal is very ancient. For millennia, the nomadic tribes who dwell between Nepal and Tibet have guarded and passed on the knowledge of carpet making in this region. The rug artisans back then learned the technique and passed on their skills to the next generation while adding their own personal touch. Thanks to the efforts of rug artists to date, handmade carpets from Nepal are currently one of the most sought-after decors in the world.

Going through history, a prominent carpet-making culture has only flourished with the influx of Tibetan refugees in the early 1960s in Nepal. Before, these rugs were only available in the domestic market, with the major target group being higher class people and tourists from European countries. Nepalese handmade rugs found their way to the worldwide market through word of mouth and international organizations involved in promoting this piece of art. This has assisted Nepalese rug artisans in further developing and refining their crafts, which ultimately led to the development of exporting quality rugs in the international arena.

hand knotted rugs in Nepal are manufactured with natural materials such as wool, cotton, or silk, which makes them the best in the market. They go through a procedure that involves physically tying knots on a special loom. The loom’s size is governed by the rug’s size, on which weaving takes place from bottom to top. The rug weaver inserts the “knots” into the rug’s foundation and manually binds them together to make the rug’s “pile.” This is a laborious and time-consuming procedure, but the distinct texture, softness, and subtle beauty of hand knotted rugs make them special. Though the process involved in making a Nepalese rug is time-consuming, the results are worth the wait. The slower process promises a more meticulous approach with each thread, resulting in well-made, high-quality carpets that last longer.

Handmade rugs from Nepal are a popular embellishment choice nowadays across the world. They are one of the most simple ways to change and invigorate any setting within a matter of a second. Depending on their design, carpets may reveal a lot about the personality of the room and the people who live in it. Whether you’re redecorating your residential or commercial properties, the perfect rug may set the tone straight away. With a multitude of designs and customizable sizes, Nepalese hand knotted rugs are commonly used as a floor covering and also can be employed as wall hangings or as part of a curtain ensemble. Their rich texture and an eye-catching design make them an excellent ornamental complement to any home.

It is a symbol of richness and elegance. They are also extremely durable, which is why they are frequently used in homes, offices and other sacred sites (basically Tibetan Tiger Rugs for meditation purposes). These carpets work well in a variety of settings, from contemporary to classic and everything in between. If you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind gift for yourself or someone else, a hand knotted rug is a great option.

Being in this industry for almost 2 decades, rugs are always a source of pride for us, and we do everything we can to keep their quality intact with each knot we tie. At Classic Custom Rugs, every design project begins with a concept, which is then cobbled together, thought by thought, until it becomes a reality. We will let you redesign your space with exquisite works of art. Reach us in bringing your ideas to life, regardless of their size, shape, color, texture, substance, or method!


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